We welcome you with the greeting of the Apostles: ” Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor 1:3).

We are a protestant reformed Christian church, based solely on Jesus‘s gospel and not on human authority and doctrines.

We identify ourselves with all Christians worldwide that share the fundamental doctrine of God, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are members of the World Communion of Reformed Churches and of the World Council of Churches.

We preach the Gospel by religious service welcoming everybody, we study the Bible, we are available to anybody for information and pastoral care, we provide materials and spiritual guidance for all our neighbors, catechetical classes for children and adults and public meetings in regards of culture, history and social events.

We welcome everyone who loves and seeks with sincerity our Lord Jesus Christ.

Cosa Insegniamo

Non c'è vero credente all'infuori di colui che, fermamente convinto che Dio è per lui un padre propizio e benevolo, aspetta ogni cosa dalla sua bontà

Giovanni Calvino

Guarda il calendario delle nostre attività e dei culti. Il culto è sempre pubblico. Tutti sono benvenuti.


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